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All too often, the hectic pace of modern life turns our households into a blur, leaving many parents – and kids – feeling depleted and disconnected.  Enter Slow Family Living, an inspiring guide for parents who want to rediscover the meaning, comfort, and contentment found in the day to day of family life.

Here’s what some really amazing people are saying…

 “Bernadette Noll has a long track record helping families slow down and find the pace of life that suits them best. How lucky we are that she has now distilled her experience into a wise and readable book. Slow Family Living is packed with practical ways to bring joy and sanity back to family life and give our children a childhood worthy of the name. In this overstimulated, crazy-busy, roadrunner culture of ours, every family needs a copy.”

—Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slow and Under Pressure

“In a society set on having it all, Slow Family Living points out — Wait! You already have what you need. All you have to do is slow down and appreciate it. Bernadette Noll’s book helps us reject the time- and money-wasters we’ve been sold on, and savor the most golden thing we’ve got — time, especially time together.”

—Lenore Skenazy, author of Free-Range Kids

“Bernadette Noll, one of my favorite authors, offers essential advice for healthy family living: slow down and be present with yourself and with your loved ones. Her 75 “recipes” for slow family living are down to earth and easy to implement. This book is a real gem, a peaceful haven in a sea of over-stimulation.”

—Peggy O’Mara of Mothering Magazine

“Slowing down and making time for the gestation of your own ideas and being conscious of your own process are the foundations of both genius and happiness. This is what makes Slow Family’s ideas so important and valuable today. Rather than letting the pace of the world determine your own family’s pace, Slow Family encourages everyone to step back from the craziness and determine their own rhythms and routines – based solely on your family’s needs. The pauses that Slow Family inspires are integral not only to happiness but to pure unadulterated brilliance.”

—Gever Tulley, Founder Brightworks School, Tinkering School, speaker and author of 50 Dangerous Things (You should let your children do)

Here’s a few more from readers…

“My daughter-in-law loaned me a book this last weekend entitled “Slow Family Living.” by Bernadette Noll. I wasn’t sure I had much interest in it, but I read it as we drove home from Austin. It is incredible! It is what every young family needs to read in this too fast paced world that won’t slow down. Both parents should read it at the same time and discuss it. There are some questions to answer for yourself as well. I was very impressed and will order more to give to young families I know.

Not only is it applicable for young families, but grandparents can benefit from the advice as well.

Bernadette has great ideas in helping families in every day situations enjoy each other more and make life together even better, joyful and fun. She also has great advice for couples. Order a copy for yourself, family or friends.” NT from Amarillo TX

“Great to have real world, practical and insightful tips for slowing down the craziness of life with kids. My wife and I have 3 young boys and already struggle with the demands. We know there are better ways, but it can be hard to figure out how. This book is full of useful ways to strip away the things that don’t matter, that distract and focus on the things that really matter.” JR from Washington, DC

“I can’t even begin to list my favorite suggestions out of the seventy-five in this book for families looking to slow down and connect. Bernadette Noll has written a book our culture desperately needs–a guide for how to take our lives back from the frenzied, screen-obsessed, consumerist, achievement-based merry-go-round we find ourselves riding if we’re not careful. This book reminds us that we don’t have to take the ride. We can get off. And the relationship with our children, which stretches far past their actual childhood, will be transformed if we do. It’s just a fact.” HM from Austin, TX