Here are just a few of the amazing responses we’ve gotten from the various classes and e*books we’ve offered…

What skill could possibly be more important than Parenting for a Peaceful World? Think for a moment and I think you’ll find there really is none. This book took my own experience of being a Dad, and placed it in the context of parenting through the ages. It’s incredible how fascinating, helpful and hopeful that is. Getting together with Carrie, Bernadette and the guys to talk about the book was really great. What a wealth of professional and practical experience with children and parenting. Talking about your own struggles, triumphs (and sometimes failures), and, better, listening to other dads’ experiences (hey, they’re just guys like us!) brought some balance to an often difficult and exhausting job. I’ll confess, I never would have done it on my own. My wife signed me up…remind me to thank her! M.G. Austin, TX

I really enjoyed the Creating YOUR Slow Holiday teleclass. The topic was obviously very timely. It was a wonderful way to refocus during these times of high consumerism. Your accompanying e*book was very helpful, and I have already referred back two times since the call! I would, and have, recommended your teleclasses to friends. Your topics are novel and needed in today’s world. Thank you! J.M. Annapolis, MD

I loveloveloved the Slow Family tele-class last night! Thanks again for offering it! I hung up the phone feeling totally full of life and hope and love. =) L.M. Norfolk, VA

I love the Slow Holiday e*book! I think anything written down that I can refer to over the holidays is a great way to remind me to stay focused on the feeling. This not only offers suggestions but I love that it asks you to really think about why frustrations arise over the holidays. S.L. Austin, TX

I took Carrie and Bernadette’s Toddler Series, having attended the “Boundaries” workshop with my partner  once already, anxious to get the scoop on boundaries and toddlerhood again, as my son had entered full-throttle Toddler by the time the complete series was offered a few months later.

I cannot recommend this workshop to parents of toddlers or soon-to-be toddlers highly enough. The clinical information about what is happening in a toddler’s nervous system makes it worth the price of admission alone; and yet there is so much more. I came away with renewed hope in myself, my child, my family and  — I’m not kidding — in humanity as a whole.  Thanks to Carrie and Bernadette’s loving, intelligent guidance, you will walk away not only with principles you can apply to many a situation, but tons of practical techniques for parenting your toddler.  I  honestly use these techniques and principles every single day, whether it’s maintaining my cool, or rekindling our connection while getting my son into the car or off to preschool, or confidently navigating the territory of the playground or toddler yoga class, or simply creating a more frequently peaceful environment in our home. L.B. Austin, TX

I’m looking forward to attending many more classes. I’ll definitely keep in touch! E.M. Austin, TX

Just found this group and the website–I am SO EXCITED! So much fantastic, useful and inspiring information! Thanks! S.W. Edmonton AB

I am happy to see things changing. Raising emotionally whole, healthy people is no easy task. It does take a village as well as a lot of time and energy. I applaud this movement to slow down and see what is really important. A.M. Portland ME

Thank you, Thank you! This was a fabulous way to spend a Friday! I’m feeling good about myself and my parenting. Who knew? I’m going to propose that we pick one day a week where there are no agendas or obligations. Just slowing down with the family and seeing where the day takes us. Sounds like heaven. L.W. Austin, TX Mama’s Fill-Up

Thanks a million for yours and Carrie’s class this afternoon it came at just the right time and Dorothy had a great time. You guys rock! R.S. Austin, TX Girl’s Group

I got so much out of Carrie and Bernadette’s Parenting for a Peaceful World! It would have been a hard read for me but with the insights from Carrie, Bern and all the other dads I reached a deeper understanding not only of the history of parenting through the ages but my relationships with my father and my son. If you want to do something to change the world for the better and really understand why your the kind of parent you are: take this class! E.B. Austin, TX

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! Your teleclass on slowing down was a total eye opener for me. Already I can feel the effects it is having on my family life. And, it’s allowing me to live the family life I want. Not the one someone else thinks I should want. A.M. New Jersey

My daughter LOVED the babysitting class. Already she has found a new job as a mother’s helper and I can tell this is just the first of many. Her confidence soared and I feel like she really and truly understands how to connect with babies and toddlers WAY better than she did before. In fact, maybe way better than I did even when I became a parent! Thank you so much. L.W. Austin, TX

Our new mama circle of friends is continuing on even a year after we all came together in your class. Thanks so much for all the information and for allowing us the chance to come together as a group. I can’t imagine parenting without this great circle of moms and babies too. J.M. Austin, TX

“In a high-octane, fast-forward world, the pressure to follow the herd, to do what every other family is doing, can be hard to resist. But resist it we must. Every family is unique, and there is no single recipe for family life. Instead of freaking out about what the Joneses are up to, we need to find the balance that works best in our own family. That is why writing a Family Mission Statement makes so much sense. It is moment to pause, reflect and talk about what is really important to you and your family, to work out what sort of life you want to have together and how best to achieve it. And once it’s down on paper, the Mission Statement becomes a guiding light, an anchor of clarity that keeps you true to yourself when the winds of panic and competition start to blow. Packed with wit, wisdom and tips, The Slow Family Living booklet is the perfect guide to writing your own Family Mission Statement.”
Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness and Under Pressure