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  • Slow Family Living; How to Slow Down, Connect and Create More Joy in the day to day

All too often, the hectic pace of modern life turns our households into a blur, leaving many parents – and kids – feeling depleted and disconnected.  Enter Slow Family Living, an inspiring guide for parents who want to rediscover the meaning, comfort, and contentment found in the day to day of family life.

In this talk Bernadette will lead you through some very inspiring and informative questions to help you find ways to live the family life you want to live. Slow Family Living is not about doing nothing. Nor is it about doing things a specific way. Rather it’s about living life thoughtfully, and finding simple things you can do every day, to create the family life you want – full of the joy and connection you desire – for now and for a lifetime together.

  • Creating a Family Mission Statement 

Using the e”book created by Carrie and Bernadette, Bernadette will walk you through questions that will lead you to creating your own Family Mission Statement. Through the process you can come to a clear understanding of your family’s desires, needs, wants and values as a family unit.
Through short writing and discussion, you’ll discover things about what makes your family tick and what brings your family the greatest joy. By the end of the process you’ll come to a picture of your family’s mission with a window into how to make your family’s journey together just what you want it to be.
This talk has an optional hands-on craft project wherein each individual or family creates their own mini-prayer flags to hang as a daily reminder of their family’s mission in this life.
  • Creating your Mama Tribe

Just recently, Carrie Contey and I gave a presentation on creating your own Mama Tribe. Read more about it here and give us a shout if you are interested in having us present to your group.
Carrie and I LOVE sharing the stage! For talks, for Q and A’s and more. Contact us if you would like us to come talk to your group. And if you’ve got a topic you’d like us to address, let us know; we love creating new talks.
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