Oh, it’s that time of year again that always feels more like a new year than the actual new year. New ideas, new starts, new teachers, new notebooks and new chance to try something new! If you’re like me, it’s a good time to break into some brand new habits for yourself or for the whole family!

There’s lots new happening at Slow Family these next couple of months. (Don’t make me say Fall because it’s 105 degrees and Fall isn’t really even a memory right now). There’s more Babysitting workshops for kids on the books. And a whole new schedule of Tuesday Night Teleclasses for adults on everything from parenting 3, 4 or more to slowing down family life to pondering home school and more. Teleclasses are a great format for taking in info! And they’re super slow – because there’s no hurrying to get where you’re going – just a settling into a quiet space (or even just muting your phone!) so you can tune in, listen and enjoy. Jump in on one if you can.

And this next one is a brand new workshop that I’m really excited about  – for kids ages 11-14 who need a little guidance learning life’s navigation…

CONNECT + REFLECT: September 24th, 2011 10am-1:30pm

  • Do you know or have a child who is ready or wanting to begin navigating this world of ours?
  • Do you want to set your child free but wish him to be a bit more discerning in his discoveries?
  • Do you want your child to feel a greater connection to the people and places she encounters on her way so that she can feel safer and more empowered?
  • Do you want him to develop his intuition and learn to tune in to his gut?

As we take this workshop onto the streets, we will discuss why we need to occasionally unplug from the virtual and plug into the actual . We’ll discover ways to connect with ourselves, with the real world and the people we encounter along the way – and why life can be easier and safer when we do. We’ll find methods for giving and gaining respect wherever we may be – at school, home or on the streets. Threaded through it all, we’ll discuss how to tune into our intuition and why our gut can serve as our guide as we navigate this world of ours. (class size is limited!)

After a couple of test runs I am really looking forward to getting more kids out in the field with this one!  It will be an honor to escort them on their journey into this brave new world and into their own intuition!