I was digging through some old essays and blog posts recently – revelations I had when my children were small, things I learned along the way, discoveries I’d made about my role as mother or just as person. I’ve decided to bring some of them here in a format I’ll call Flashback Friday. Posts I’ve written on various other blogs I’ve had over the years that I think might be of interest to some readers today.

This is a post I wrote about sisters...

Oh my sister. My beautiful sister who is gone from us now. The grief continues to come in layers, waves, alternatingly soft and sneaky then firm and direct like slamming on the brakes of a fast moving car. Her death makes me look more closely at so much, sisterhood especially; my own and the amazing sisters I  birthed.

2 girls. Sisters. Friends most of the time. With the ability to be together and work together and play together and camp and sing and share ideas. Sharing a room. Sharing a genetic make up and a sewing machine and the last cookie in the drawer. You split, I’ll pick first.

Sometimes not all that crazy about each other. But always with an undertone of love. And admiration. And always looking at each other, each one equally amazed, at how different they can be. Sharing so much. Yet, each one bringing something completely opposite to the table, something that marvels the other. Or annoys. Or boggles the mind of the one who is witnessing the bringing. “WHAT THE…?” the mind says as they confound each other with their different-ness. But really. always. with an undertone. Of love.

I am thankful when the undertone is allowed to shine. I am thankful when the younger is in a state of total adoration and isn’t brushed aside in irritation. I am grateful when the older is in a state of wonder about the crazy beauty of the younger’s eccentricities. (And by wonder I mean, Ah!!! Not what the? although that exists too) I am so appreciative when the love shines bright between the two. And I am able to see the gift each has in the other. The yin and the yang walking side by side swinging along from the limbs of life.

Sisters. I love you. Mine and the ones I birthed. I love the love you share. I love your night to each other’s day. How you (we) came together is beyond me, but what you (we) bring to each other is plain to see.