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Getting campy!

The camp brochures are starting to hit the streets and Austin Waldorf School has just sent us a beautiful ad for their amazing list of summer camps. Starting with the wee ones AWS has a whole list of lovely offerings. Including, my personal favorite, a camp called Endless Summer that sounds to me just like my memories of what summer can be. Check out their ad in the sidebar and go to their website to read more.


If you’re looking for something fun to do on the school holiday of February 20th, I, in my Future Craft Collective Hat will be offering a one-day camp at Austin Children’s Museum for kids ages 8-11. It’s called the Art of the Letter and we’ll be reading old letters, making tons of cards, folding up origami envelopes and reigniting the ancient Art of the Letter.

Or if you’re looking for something fun for everyday, you can always check out the incredible happenings at Austin Tinkering School. Kami is definitely blowing some minds over there and at the same time, gearing up a whole generation to participate in Austin’s Mini Maker Faire.

I love this town!!!





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It’s that time of year again – springtime, end-of-school-time, what’s-a-child-going-to-do time! And Slow Family, combined with Bernadette’s Future Craft Collective has a few things coming up.

Babysitting 101: Two Dates available! May 14th or June 3rd. Sign up now!

Boys Camp: This is a first but sure to be a hit! Obstacle course, exploration and some crafty fun too. Boys ages 5-9. Read more here.

Girls’ Camp: 3 days of crafting, exploring and more! Girls ages 7-10. Read all about it here.

Mother’s Day Morning Craft Workshop: Drop off the kids then head to one of the many nearby cafes for a quiet breakfast while the kids craft you a special gift.  Boys and girls ages 6-10. More details here.

And, not to stir the rumor mill but there is some talk of the creation of a multi-day family maker camp. Part retreat. Part summer camp. All in the name of create and connect! Stay tuned for more details as they unfold in front of our very eyes!

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Free summer camp

A friend’s daughter is attending camp this summer for 3 full days a week for free. They have created a great thing they call Co-op camp and all the girls involved attend 4 days a week – 3 of them for free. Here’s how it works… Each family takes the girls 1 day a week. The other 3 days the girls go to a different house. The parent is responsible for creating some camp like activity for the girls either at home or somewhere out in the community.

So far, and only one week into summer break, they have roller skated, swam in a creek and biked at the town veloway. In the weeks to come they’ll do some sewing, bowling, definitely more swimming and who knows what other fun stuff. The total cost is up to the parent – free or a fee.

The cost benefits are obvious. The other benefit is that the kids are exploring their own town in a way that they might not have done if just left to their parents’ devices and they are getting to do it with friends – thereby avoiding the summer cries of “more friends!! For the parents, they are committing to spending one day each week solely dedicated to the pursuit of summer fun. Who doesn’t want that? And everyone is seeing their own town with a brand new lens.

So, if the cost and chaos of the pursuit of the ideal summer camp has got your worn out, consider co-op camp. I bet you can already think of a couple or a few parents you’d like to partner with on this.


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