To all the mothers out there, we send a big way to go and a reminder too to take a few deep breaths along the way. However you choose to commemorate this day, with family or on your own, with big fete or quiet respite, at home or out on the town, we wish you a glorious day and a big reminder to slow down, connect with yourself and your family and enjoy your celebration.

And if you’re having trouble slowing down, here’s a few  of my favorite ways I can take pause throughout the day…

  1. Slowly drink a big glass of water (replenishing your body and giving you the necessary pause)
  2. Kick off your shoes and feel the floor underneath your feet (helps ground you)
  3. Sit up straight in a backed chair, put your feet flat on the floor and set the timer for five minutes of positive stillness. (As you sit still you’ll be amazed at how seldomly you are actually still.)
  4. Take a walk around the perimeter of your yard (don’t tell your family you’re going outside or they’ll follow you! By sneaking out you’ll be able to take the whole walk before they find you)
  5. And of course, don’t forget to breathe! Use some physical act throughout the day to serve as a reminder to take a few deep breaths. For example, everytime you wash your hands, take 3 deep cleansing breaths.

Those are some of my best tricks. And they have totally saved me from losing it completely.  Or at least have helped me come back from completely losing it! I hope you find some use in them too.

And if you want to find ways to slow your whole family life down, download our Slow Family Living Workbook and then join us for our Slow Family Workshop – either in person on Monday, May 11 7-9pm or via teleclass on Monday, May 18, 8-10pm Central Time.