We have, available right here on our website, a free Slow Family Living workbook. It is full of the whys, ways and how-tos of slowing things down for your own family, connecting and truly enjoying family life. The workbook has lots of questions for you about how you do things now, how and if they’re working for you, and how you might do them in your ideal slow family life.

People that have downloaded the workbook have really loved it. Some have printed it out and worked through it with their whole family. Others have printed it out and worked through it on their own. Still others have printed it out, admired it, and then set it aside for when they can find the time only to have it get lost in the shuffle of family life.  Sometimes we all just need a little nudge – and that’s just what this Slow Family Living tele-class is all about.

In the tele-class we go through the workbook, asking and answering questions about methods you can implement in your own desire for living a slow family life. We get to the core of your slow ideals and from there cover some brass tacks ways you can slow down, connect and really and truly enjoy family life.

If you want to take time to find more time, the next class is Monday night, April 20th from 8-10 pm central time. Join us if you can. We’d love to have you. Simply download the workbook. Sign up on our website and call in using the code you’ll receive from us. It’s easy. It’s a fun format. And you don’t have to leave your house!


(If you are uncertain of how a teleclass works you can read about it here…)