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Show the Slow

I just got a brand new batch of Slow Family Stickers! The ones that let folks announce to the world they are interested in slowing down, connecting and truly enjoying family life.

This brand new batch is really making me want to give some away! If you join our Facebook group you’ll be entered in a drawing to win one of 10 stickers. If you’ve already joined the group, then just leave a comment here and I’ll add your name to the drawing as well.

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Are you slow?

Last December I was on a walk in New Jersey with a few of my 8 siblings. We were all in town for a tribute at Manhattan College to my dad, post mortem, for his athletic excellence. It was a great gathering, all of us there from all points of the U.S. and beyond, sans kids and partners. And this winter walk through our childhood streets was a great part of it.

We passed a great SLOW CHILDREN sign. Not your modern day bubble head sign, this one was a relic from our own youth. Complete with knickers! My brother got a picture as a nod to Slow Family Living.

My friend Lauren photoshopped FAMILY over CHILDREN and voila, the Slow Family Living sticker is born! I love driving around with this emblem on my van, telling all the world, we’re taking it as slow as we can. Taking the time to connect and really enjoy family life in whatever ways we can. You can get one too if you want. To tell the world there’s a Slow Family in that car.

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