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Summer is coming!!! And what better time to enlist that 10 year-old down the street to help you with your littles? Mother’s helpers and babysitters are a win-win situation for everyone! The littles get to have time to really play with the prized BIG kids in the neighborhood and the BIG kids have time to hone their babysitting skills and at the same time earn someĀ  money of their own.

So if you have a child who would like to learn the basics of babysitting this is the class for them. We’ll go over such things such as…

  • playful games for indoors and out
  • how to make smooth transitions from playtime to practicals
  • tips for creating pleasant bedtimes and mealtimes
  • how to use your own skills, talents and abilities to enhance your time with the kids
  • safety tips for in the house and in the yard
  • how to create your very own Mary Poppins bag of tricks
  • what to do in an emergency and when to call for help
  • how to maintain good relationships with the families you work with
  • how to handle the business of babysitting

This 2.5 hour class will provide students with information, tips, tools and creative ideas for making sure they can offer their client families and the children they work with, the most thoughtful, thorough and caring babysitting possible. And each participant will receive a free download of our Slow Family Living Babysitter’s Handbook and a Slow Family Living Official Babysitter’s Certificate to prove it!


Who: Kids ages 9-13

When: Saturday, May 14 2011 or Friday, June 3rd (click each one to register for that date!)

Time: 9:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Cost: $35.00 (includes a free download of our Slow Family Living Babysitter’s Handbook)

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