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Tempus Fugit

I get this reminder rather frequently these days. Right now I’m being walloped with it. Time flies.

My baby is turning 5. Wasn’t he just born? My oldest is looking at high schools. Didn’t she just learn how to read? My mom is thinking of selling her house because she’s 86 and a half and it’s a lot of house. Didn’t she just get it how she wants it? And my calendar is nearing it’s last page of the year. Wait. What?

So in these continuous messages I am trying to catch my breath. Really and truly trying to breathe through it all very thoughtfully, consciously, intentionally. I am slowing down at yellow lights rather than trying to rush ahead. I am turning off the phone in the evenings. I am looking my family members in the eye. And I am very mindfully giving lots and lots of heart to heart hugs. Every morning when I greet my family for the first time. Big hug. Throughout the day when we encounter each other in the kitchen, the livingroom, the back yard, big hugs. And at the end of the day before bed the goodnights are deep and thoughtful and we really, really look each other in the eye. There you are. I see you. You see me too.

Because as fast as everything seems to be going, one thing we’ve definitely got is now. Right now. So I want to make sure I show up.

Especially this last page of the calendar. Which can sometimes take on a life of its own.

Oh, there you are. I see you. You see me.

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Being Present; Teaching Presence

Staying present is a constant battle of mine. My goal is presence with myself, with the people I’m with and with the task at hand. I used to take great pride in my ability to multi-task and now uni-tasking is the goal. It’s hard sometimes with 4 kids in tow all shouting, “look at me!!!” simultaneously. It’s hard when there are phones and laptops and errands and chores. But when I remember, all is calmer, kinder and gentler too.

Recently in the New York Times Motherlode blog, she asks, in regards to all the new texting devices designed for kids, “how young is too young? How much is too much?”

I think the age is for each family to decide on their own. But I do think that all kids will need to be given guidance and guidelines in regards to using all these devices being put in their lives. They will need to be taught presence. They will need to be taught to love the ones they’re with. They will need to be shown how to unplug and tune in to the people around them. And they will need to be shown too the benefits: mental, physical and emotional, of presence.

How do you do it in your house?

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