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Slow Family at Tedx Austin

YouTube Preview ImageOur own Carrie Contey, known on the big stage as Doctor Carrie Contey, spoke at the first Tedx Austin a few weeks ago. The theme for the whole day was Play Big. The energy created was amazing. Carrie talked about the need to pause big in the midst of all that play. It’s not just a good idea, it’s necessary for the integration of information and overall wellness. Why not take a pause right now and listen to what Carrie had to say.

Then tell us how you take the pause.

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The power of the pause

Our nugget of the week. Or month. Or random segment of time as the case may be…
Behold the Power of the Pause.

In our days, weeks, lives,
Whatever we see, hear, feel, read,
Allow it in.

And take a pause.

In the pause is the integration of all of life’s inspiration.

So, before you move on.
Before you react.
Before you continue to do, do, do…

Just be.

Allow the power of the pause.

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