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How much is too much?

That’s the topic of On Point Radio today featuring our own Carrie Contey. And she is, without a doubt, on point for Slow Family Living!!! If you have 45 minutes, go ahead and have a listen whilst you make that Thanksgiving pie.

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Time for Slow Family

Perhaps you read the article in this week’s Time Magazine by Nancy Gibbs about overparenting, slow parenting, free range parenting. Perhaps that is how you found us.  We are certainly glad to be a part of it all. And glad too, to have had Nancy Gibbs sitting with us for our Slow Family workshop sharing in the conversation and eating, yes, gluten free, dairy free, locally made coconut ice cream. Because one thing for sure about Austin,  it is chock full of all types of entrepreneurial and extremely creative and passionate individuals, foodies among them.

The tag line for Slow Family Living is slow down, connect, enjoy. Our goal in all of the work we do, our e*books and workshops and talks and blog posts and interviews, is to help families find ways to do just that. To pause. To connect. And to truly enjoy family life.  Of course, what is slow looks different in every household, but what remains the same is the fact that if we want to build lifelong family connection, we can start putting it in place now, creating small connections in the day to day: eye contact, ritual and tradition, talking, familial incubation, and pausing, as a family unit, to check in with each other and create intimate connection. For now and for the long haul.

There are scientific reasons why slowing down is important. In order to integrate all we see, hear and learn in a day, our brains must be given the chance to absorb the information into our whole selves. And there are emotional reasons too. When we slow down we are given the chance to see, hear, feel and understand each individual and the family as a whole, and ask the ever present question, “is this working for us?”

If this is your first time here, we hope you’ll browse around and read our blog posts and our manifesto and articles and maybe download our e*books as well. In their 30 some odd pages, they are full of good information and writing exercises for finding ways to live family life the way that feels best  for you. Because one thing for sure, family life looks different for each and every family. But the desire and need for connection are truly universal themes.

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