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Mother’s day is coming. The day to celebrate, appreciate, laude and commemorate. As it approaches I think, oh, it’s a gift shop holiday, who cares. I remember my own mom implying sort of the same thing except for the year my mom, who never swore, said to us kids as we were simultaneously handing her cards and fighting over the last something or another, “Oh mother’s day, schmothers day, it’s all bullshit.”

Do you dismiss mother’s day as just another hallmark holiday? But then when the day arrives think things like, “hey, how come you didn’t do anything for me???” As kids it’s hard to know what to do. Make a card of course, but then what? Make a fuss? Leave mom alone? Celebrate her all day? Or just give her space to not mother for a few hours?

My friend and inspiration, Carrie Contey has written up a great little post on just how to avoid falling in this trap. How to figure out what we want and how to make it happen without requiring those around us to interpret our thought process. As she so eloquently puts it – stating what you want = getting what you need. Done and done!

However you choose to spend it, whether your kids are big or small, near or far, I hope you take a little time to celebrate and honor your own self. I plan on starting the day with a few appreciations of my own, state my time for a little time alone in the morning, and then after that, I’m just gonna go with the flow. Outside. Where the flow is sometimes a little easier to get into.


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I can’t resist that title. As I can’t resist the idea of hosting this amazing retreat in this incredible, treat-for-the-senses space. Read on…

We have been given an amazing opportunity to host a weekend long, post-mother’s day Mama’s retreat at KimberModern; Austin’s newest and most luxurious modern inn, in the heart of the city. This relaxation getaway, nestled elegantly into a completely urban setting, will serve as the vessel for an entire weekend of rest, relaxation, and refreshment of all your sensibilities. We will fill your proverbial mother’s cup and return you to your family full up – with presence, connection and satisfaction – the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, to yourself and your family as well. And then read on some more…

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