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Want to know what our Mother’s Day Full-Day Fill-Up is all about?

On this day we will welcome you into a peaceful, quiet, comfortable, nurturing space. We will guide you in exercises of breathing, meditating and relaxation. We will lead you into connecting deeply with yourself and with other mamas through writing, talking and even a little crafty goodness. We’ll serve you an incredibly delicious, healthy and lovely lunch. And we will give you the time and the beautiful space to rest, think, ponder, dig, talk, and just be.

If you want to join us, we’d love to have you! click here to register and read more…

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Free Mother’s Day Gift

Renee Trudeau is a local mama and author and a coach and advocate for balanced living. A few years ago she wrote a book called The Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal for helping mothers reconnect with themselves. For 48 hours on and before Mother’s Day she is offering the book as a free download so get on over there and get yourself one.  Or tell a new mom you know. What mama do you know doesn’t need a little self-renewal?

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