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A few months ago I started an after school group for girls ages 7-10. It’s been amazing. And enlightening. And fun. And creative. And just beyond my wildest dreams fantastic to watch it all unfold, to watch the girls grow and create, and to see the group form into a cohesive group. It’s like my own little scout troop – full of new skills, community service, meetings and crafts – but without the cookies sales and uniforms.

Next week we’ll be starting up our second session. I can’t wait to get going on some of the ideas that have been stirring – all inspired by my own projects and by my time with the girls.

From the weekly group came the one day camp. While I loved our 2 hour after school meetings, I longed for a more spacious day to really dive into a craft project and to talk and to just be and the 7.5 hour “camp” provided just that.

On Friday, April 22nd, we’ll be doing another full day! Basic details below and more info at the Future Craft Collective website


Who: Girls ages 7-10

What: One-day craft workshop

Where: 411 W. Monroe Austin AMP (Austin Artists and Musicians Partnership)

When: Friday, April 22nd 9:00am – 4:30pm

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Spring tune-ups available!

There is so much going on this time of year! And so much excitement in the air for these deep blue skies and increased access to outdoor living. Austin always feels so energized this time of year as the big music festival draws near and visitors galore come from all the chilly corners of the nation for a little sun, fun and music. It’s so, so divine to say the very least.

Here at Slow Family Living, Carrie and I are gearing up with all sorts of fun classes, workshops and even a one-day camp for girls! If you are looking for a spring tune up for family life or self, we’ve got the goods right now. If you are in Austin and looking for a one-day camp during Spring Break, we’ve got that too. So much to list! And so much to discuss. Spring is the perfect time to work on that connection we all so long for – connection to self, to community, to ideas and of course to family too!

Here’s a listing of what’s coming up…

Homeschool Ponderings teleclass! Monday, March 21, 7-9:30pm Central Time (8:00 Eastern)

Think Homeschooling might be for you? Or are you currently homeschooling and want to alleviate any anxiety about the process? Have you often wondered how to start? What might be involved? What your family might gain or lose from the homeschool experience. Read more here…

Parenting 3, 4 or more teleclass! Thursday, March 24, 7:30-9:00pm Central Time (8:30 Eastern)

Are you parenting 3, 4 or more or pondering such a move? Do you need ideas and information on just how to create the most connection with each member of your family AND build connection as a unit? Would you like to discover some ways of generating harmony in your comparatively crowded house? And at the same time figure out ways to keep yourself more grounded? Read more here…

Girls One Day Spring Break Camps - Monday March 7th, 9-4:30pm and Monday March 14th, 9-4:30pm

This is a one day camp run by Bernadette Noll for girls ages 7-10 who would like to spend time during spring break discovering, crafting, singing, learning and exploring all that life has to offer. Together we will ponder the power of our creative selves and our connection to the world around us. Read more here…

New Mama and Baby Circle – 6 Consecutive Tuesdays Starting March 22 10:30-12:30

This six week class, facilitated by Carrie, is for mamas and their in-arms babies. During our time together we will hare the joys and challenges of early motherhood and read more…

Parenting Your One Year Old. Parenting Your Two Year Old. Parenting Your Three Year Old. Parenting Your Four Year Old. Mondays Starting March 21. 7:15-9:00pm Each class stands alone.

Wow! Each age brings such different surprises and challenges! Carrie will lead you through each age presenting you with tips and tools for meeting your child where they are. Read more…

Join us if you can!!! October 2009 138We’ll be cozy as kittens. Or mice. Or gophers.

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Inspired by my time camping with the Little Green Witches, I’m bringing back the girls group I did a few years ago. With a twist. This time for my littler girl. And for any girls ages 7-10 who would like to join us.

Barton Creek 016

This group, run by Bernadette, is for girls ages 7-10 who are interested in discovering, crafting, writing, singing, learning and exploring all that life has to offer. Together we will ponder the power of our true selves and our connection to the world around us – through weekly and ongoing projects and discussions. In the 6 sessions we will…

* create, make, and explore ways to bring art into every part of our lives.
* discuss joy and appreciation and the importance of living in both
* learn how to tune into our own needs – body, mind and spirit – and tend to those needs as best we can.
* look at the families and communities in which we live and find ways to strengthen our connection to it all.
* explore the earth on which we live and how we can minimize our impact.
* discover and practice good tools of communication that will bring us to a greater connection with ourselves, friends, family and all those with whom we share this world.

In these sessions we will write, craft, hike, explore, draw, create, talk, paint, ponder, make, meditate and investigate what makes us, us. And we will come away with a better sense of what it means to let our own lights shine their very brightest, all the while building the greatest connection we possibly can.

* When: Alternate Tuesdays starting January 18th – April 12th 3:30-5:30 + Saturday community service day (2:45 start for Zilker students who will meet after school and walk over together with Bernadette)
* Where: Sanctuary at Amala Foundation just off Treadwell and South Lamar
* What: Snack will be provided
* Cost: $175.00* Can be paid with cash, check or paypal.
* Questions: Contact Bernadette via email or call 512-627-0652

*Arrangements can be made for monthly payment if needed

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