Inspired by my time camping with the Little Green Witches, I’m bringing back the girls group I did a few years ago. With a twist. This time for my littler girl. And for any girls ages 7-10 who would like to join us.

Barton Creek 016

This group, run by Bernadette, is for girls ages 7-10 who are interested in discovering, crafting, writing, singing, learning and exploring all that life has to offer. Together we will ponder the power of our true selves and our connection to the world around us – through weekly and ongoing projects and discussions. In the 6 sessions we will…

* create, make, and explore ways to bring art into every part of our lives.
* discuss joy and appreciation and the importance of living in both
* learn how to tune into our own needs – body, mind and spirit – and tend to those needs as best we can.
* look at the families and communities in which we live and find ways to strengthen our connection to it all.
* explore the earth on which we live and how we can minimize our impact.
* discover and practice good tools of communication that will bring us to a greater connection with ourselves, friends, family and all those with whom we share this world.

In these sessions we will write, craft, hike, explore, draw, create, talk, paint, ponder, make, meditate and investigate what makes us, us. And we will come away with a better sense of what it means to let our own lights shine their very brightest, all the while building the greatest connection we possibly can.

* When: Alternate Tuesdays starting January 18th – April 12th 3:30-5:30 + Saturday community service day (2:45 start for Zilker students who will meet after school and walk over together with Bernadette)
* Where: Sanctuary at Amala Foundation just off Treadwell and South Lamar
* What: Snack will be provided
* Cost: $175.00* Can be paid with cash, check or paypal.
* Questions: Contact Bernadette via email or call 512-627-0652

*Arrangements can be made for monthly payment if needed