I’ve been pondering connection lately  as I’ve been doing events here and there and folks have been asking, “HOW??? How do we create more connection and find more time together?”

Everyone feels so busy. But I don’t think we  have to necessarily do less, rather I think we can just be a bit more intentional about what we do do. And how we spend our days. Which will of course eventually become our years. 

I’ve come up with a list. Which is not the least bit comprehensive but which offers some ideas for ways that we can see each other more. And connect more. And enjoy truly being together. Without really altering too much from our usual routine.

10 things you can do to build deeper family connection…

  1. Schedule a family day every week. Make it a whole day or a few hours but make it happen. And put it on the calendar just like any other important event.
  2. Declare one night each week to be screen-free for the whole family. Turn off the TV, the computer, the video games and sit together instead. Play a game, talk, go to the park, read aloud or just be.
  3. Turn off all the phones for an hour or more every day; afterschool, around dinner or in the evening just before bed. You’ll be amazed at the presence you’ll feel!
  4. Look at your calendar and find one thing you can cancel. Fill it with family time instead.
  5. Schedule an outing with each child one-on-one. Do it monthly if you can. The whole family will benefit.
  6. Create a Family Appreciation Banner. See  instructions in the book, Make Stuff Together.
  7. Plan a Family Appreciation Dinner. Make it a full on celebration of all the things you love about being a family!
  8. Volunteer as a family: clean a creek, help a neighbor, deliver meals to the elderly. Doing it is a family will increase the rewards a thousand fold.
  9. Declare a room in the house to be electronics-free. No phones, no screens, just family!
  10. Make Stuff Together. Create a collage, a craft project, a garden or a family meal. Just make it together!