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Let’s take this outside

Almost since the beginning of my parenting days I have realized that parenting is easier outside. It’s easier for me as a mom, and easier for my children too, to be in big open spaces, on the water, in the woods, under the sky, or even in a tree in the yard. When we are outside we are happier, we get along better and our most creative selves show up with new ideas, new projects, new creations. Outside there is space for all of us, we can make as much noise as we want, we can get messy, move around as much as we want, all without worrying about the fact that we might be too loud, too noisy, or too wild for anyone’s tolerance level. Especially if that anyone is a sibling.

For us, as a family, life truly is easier, more creative, more relaxing, more true and just way, way better outside.

Last week I attended the Children in Nature Collaborative of Austin’s (CINCA) annual award dinner and fundraiser at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown. The event honors those in the community whose mission is to help more children feel connected to the outdoors – with the idea being that by exposing and connecting kids to nature now, we are fostering future stewards of the land so that we can be assured that our natural spaces will stay protected and revered for generations to come. A lofty goal for sure, but one made so much easier and so obvious by the work this group is doing. 

I am always so inpsired at this event as they show the short films of the honorees and the clever and creative ways they have of luring children and families into spending more time outside. The images are always  of children climbing, learning, playing, exploring and I realized I want MORE of that in our day to day. Since school had begun, we had gotten into a pattern of coming home, coming inside, doing homework and settling in for the night. Sure, sometimes we played in the alley or in the yard, but after seeing this footage I wanted more!

I realized that in my head, a trip to nature had become a day trip. It wasn’t always like that but with the school calendar the way it was, and the varying schedules of each family member being so much more hectic than in years past, we had gotten in the habit of reserving nature for weekends only. Oh there was the yard of course, but beyond that, we needed more; more nature, more exploration, more playing and even more just laying and staring up at the sky. Everyday if we could! Or at least a few days a week.

Since this event, I’ve shifted my view to thinking of getting in nature as more of a pop-in, than an all day stay. Though technically we live in the city, Austin has lots of green and natural spaces to explore. We could stop somewhere on our way home from school and stay for just a short visit. We could walk a few blocks to the creek or a park or even go under the bridge and play in the rocks right underneath the busy-ish street we live on, looking for fossils or searching for toads.  And if I can’t think of someplace to go nearby, there’s a Nature Rocks website that serves up suggestions based on our location and the amount of time we have.

I like my nature fix. And I like what it does for our family. All of us. Even when it is just for a short stay.

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In Austin this time of year it’s hard NOT to be outdoors. The afternoons are perfectly delightful – even causing a bit of shade seeking on occasion. This weekend we’ve got lots of reasons to be outdoors and while we often do it solo, this weekend we’re doing it in groups.

We’re having a neighborhood creek clean up on Saturday morning. We’ll all 6 of us be there with our boots on and our gloves ready to pick up whatever we come across. Well, not whatever. We might save some of it for the more industrially clad members of the group.

Then there’s a Slow Family park day on Saturday afternoon from 2-4. If you’re in Austin that day come hang out with us at Butler Park. It’s a super swell park with lots of room for wheeled items of all varieties – particulary scooters and the like. There’s a hill to roll on. A field to run in. Rocks to climb and a little pond to throw rocks in. And if it’s hot, there’s even fountains to play in.

Saturday night it’s an indoor event and I’ll leave the family at home to attend LiveMom’s big mama blog event at IF&D in downtown Austin. Should be a blast.

Sunday it’s back outdoors with the first in a hopefully ongoing series of Family Nature Club hikes. This one is being put together by Marc LeFebre who has just recently named the South Austin Family Nature Club. The first family hike will be at McKinney Falls on Sunday from 2-5 p.m. McKinney Falls is probably one of the most urban of State Parks and is a mere 11 miles or so from the capital building. It’s a slice of natural beauty just minutes from our urban dwellings! We’ll meet at 2:00 at the Smith Visitors Center near the upper falls. Come out and hike and play with us!

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