I often suggest to families with new babies that they put up a “What do you need” chart. The template is simple: a white board or chalk board or bulletin board or even a piece of paper posted on the fridge.  With a box for each person in the household and one for the household too. On the top the heading: WHAT DO YOU NEED? Each person is then able to fill in their own box with things they need. A warm shower, renewed driver’s license, folded laundry, dark chocolate, time alone, time together, etc.

The point being that when you think of the thing you can put it on the chart for all to see.  It not only serves as a great reminder for yourself but it’s a way to have others help you get what you need as well.  It’s a really great tool. And helps both the giver and the receiver. Helps free the mind from holding onto it all and also allows one to more easily and cooperatively move towards getting their needs met and meeting the needs of others. Isn’t that what family is all about?

Though the last new baby in our house was 4 and a half years ago, I just put up a new What Do You Need chart in our house. With a box for each and one for the household too. It’s amazing how good it feels. To not only put things on your own list but also to be able to see others lists and help them move towards getting their needs met. Short term and long term too.

I highly recommend you give it a try in your house. esme izzy dean and ice creamWhether you need an ice cream cone or a weekend at a spa, put it out there and just see what comes your way.