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Think the holidays are still a long way off? I know it’s still 80+ degrees here in Austin but I don’t think it’s too early to start pondering how you want your holidays to go. Not if you want to make some changes to the way it’s always been done. Not if you want to set yourself up for a thoughtful, happy holiday time. I talked to Vicky and Jen about this for their amazing show What Really Matters and they put together a beautiful little podcast on Creating Your Slow Holiday full of great ideas for taking out the hectic and adding in a little more love and joy. Listen to it! And then while you’re there listen to the show they did with Carrie a while back about slowing things down in general. That was chock full of good ideas.

And if you want to dive in a bit into your own ideas for Slow Holidays, there is an ebook. And even a teleclass that is on the books for Thursday November 29th starting at 7:30pm central time. We’ll go over the ebook and get to the source of how you want your holidays to feel, look, go. This year and all the years that follow.

You can make it how you want it. Truly.


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How do you WANT the holidays to go?

There’s a lot happening this time of year. Lots of parties and plans and presents and people and possibly travel and more. Last year Carrie and I were sitting around with a circle of friends and talking about the holiday season that was about to begin. There were some moans from the crowd about the obligations, the shoulds, the shopping, and the have-to’s and the like.  And we all realized something had to change.

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We shifted the conversation towards what we wanted this time of year to look and feel like. How did we want it to go. What were the things we were seeking from this holiday season that came to us every year without fail.

We wanted connection with friends and family. We wanted rituals and traditions with meaning to us and to our families. We wanted the chance to celebrate life and to ring in the new year with joy and celebration – as opposed to dread and dissatisfaction.

From that conversation we created the Slow Family class called Creating YOUR Slow Holiday. It’s a great class and we’ve since run it a few times as both an in-person class and a teleclass. It’s gotten rave reviews and reports have come back that it is truly an effective tool for evoking change and creating holidays that feel full, joyful and satisfying too.

From that class we’ve created the Creating YOUR Slow Holiday e*book which you can now download from our shop. It’s 15 pages packed with questions, ideas, inspiration and suggestions for ways to shift your holidays from fear and loathing to true and meaningful comfort and joy.

But don’t just take our word for it. (although our word is pretty darn good) You can read here what folks are saying.

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