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It’s been a good week around here with lots of nice nods about the work we’re doing helping families slow down and connect with each other and with their desire of finding the joy in family life.

In The Boston Globe on Sunday, an article about families finding the hidden benefits of forced slow downs gave a nice mention to Slow Family Living. You can read it here.

Also on Sunday, you can listen to a podcast we did with Craftypod in which Future Craft Collective talks about finding ways to build sustainable connection with your kids through sustainable crafting. You can listen to it here.

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Future Craft Collective is totally getting into the family connection game. The latest on their site is the Family 3-day projects laid out in bite-sized chunks for easily attainable family crafting. The connection comes from the process and the finished projects as well.

Future Craft has spent lots of time crafting with kids to know how to make it fun and stress free and now they’re sharing their lessons learned with anyone that wants them. It’s sustainable crafting utilizing completely earth friendly materials that promotes sustainable family connection.

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