I was lucky enough to spend the entire month of July at my mom’s with 7 of my 8 siblings, most of our kids, little, big and in between, and a whole posse of cousins, friends and assorted kin. It’s an annual gathering of the clan and has grown bigger each year both with family and friends and new babies too. It’s filled with lots of picnics and parties and sometimes weddings and baptisms or other special events planned at that time because of the gathering already. We all love the connection we feel with both the people and the place. And we are grateful to have the space to make it happen and a mom who taught us through demonstration the joy and the importance of the lifelong connection.

At these gatherings I get to hang with some of my favorite people in the world, my mom, siblings and all my nieces and nephews. I get to watch my kids connect so intimately with all these same people, building lifelong connection and incomparable summer memories. We swim and eat and talk and sit around the fire and eat and drink and talk some more – sometimes until the wee morning. It fills me up like nothing else and sustains me in all that I do from that point on. Really and truly and unequivocally.

Next Friday, August 7th, from 9am-pm, Carrie and I will be holding our third Mama’s Five Hour Fill Up with all sorts of new tools and ideas. I plan on bringing some of the many lessons I learned from my own mom and family into this workshop too. It is a chance to discover ways to fill your own cup, learn ways to stay connected to yourself and your family, how and when and where and why and ways to slow down and how to have fun and relish your role in all its multi-facets and many layers. We’ll offer tea, snacks, a beautiful lunch and the time and the space to just be, be, be. All you need to bring is yourself, ready to relax, receive and fill up.

Come join us. You will be glad you did.