I guess I just like collaboration. It’s part of growing up in a huge family and also having a big(ish) family now. All of life is a collaboration so why not my work too?

This latest endeavor of mine is a merge of both Slow Family and Future Craft Collective in that it combines sustainable and mindful art and craft for children with a little bit of slowing down and pondering and creative time for the mamas too. (in their own space!) While we offer a creative class for the children, we’ll also be offering an opportunity for mamas (and papas too if they like) a chance to sit and craft, do a little writing, talk with other parents, or just take a little walk on their own down South Congress Avenue. In addition to merging my two worlds, this class will be a collaborative effort with my friend Andrea of Primavera Montessori School and Andrea’s art class, who is an amazing artist and teacher!

Photo by Katherine O'Brien

If you’re in Austin and have a 3-5 year old, and you’re seeking a little creative time of your own, whether tangible or emotional, this could be the class for you. We’re excited about it. And we look forward to getting started! Here’s the details…

Creative Class

for 3-5 year olds…with a little something creative for the parents too

An incredible new art class for your child and an opportunity for you as a parent to have a little relaxing, creative time of your own!

In this brand new offering from Andrea Fiore and Bernadette Noll, we’ll offer art exploration for your 3-5 year old, 1 or 2 mornings a week for one hour. While your child learns, you’ll be encouraged to settle in, relax and create – in an outdoor space with other parents, where there will be a craft offered, writing prompts about family life or art supplies made available. Or, if you’d rather, you can walk the short block toS. Congress Avenuefor a coffee or a bite, knowing your child is learning to explore his own creativity in an art experience like no other. Either way, you win! And so does your child. Read more…