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Shifting into Fall

In most places and in most minds too, summer officially ends over with the close of Labor Day weekend.  Picnics are thrown, beaches and pools are shut down and school starts up or gets into full swing. It’s a season of transition and a time of year too to set some intentions for how you want it all to go.

3 month calendar

Here in Austin, as the temperatures hover in the low to mid-nineties, it’s hard to imagine a shift into full on fall season and harder still to imagine saying goodbye to summer. But it’s true, it’s true! And even at Slow Family Living we are making the shift and setting up the calendar for a couple of great months of classes, workshops, fill-ups and more.

If you haven’t checked our class schedule lately, take a look and see what we’ve got coming up. Whether you are a little family just starting out, a seasoned mom seeking solace or a girls’ night out, a growing family needing ideas or inspiration, or a pre-teen looking to spread your wings into the babysitting world, we’ve got something on the calendar for you.

We hope this season of shifting schedules is going smoothly for you. Our goal continues to be to help families and individuals slow down, connect and truly enjoy their time together. Let us know how we can help.

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Adding a Second Child

Are you pregnant or thinking about making the leap from having an only child to creating a family of four or more? Are you worried about how a new new baby will affect your first? Are you concerned that you won’t have enough love/time/energy to go around? Do you wonder if you will be able to parent a second or third child with the attention and detail with which you welcomed your first? Are you looking for ways to strengthen your partnership in the midst of adding another child? Do you worry that there will be even less time for yourself once another baby arrives?

During our time together participants will:
* Learn ways to welcome your new baby in the midst of parenting an older child
* Discover tools for helping your first child with the transition into the role of older sibling
* Create a map for self-care which will allow you to find and maintain a calm and balanced center in the face of shifting family dynamics
* Learn simple tools for maintaining a strong, connected, love-filled partnership
* Ideas for building and surrounding yourself with a supportive community, because with two or more it really does take a village!
In addition we will discuss practical methods for ways you can choose compassion and connection over guilt and overwhelm, in the face of this huge familial transition.

This class can help get your family of four or more off to a really great start!

Join us if you can: Thursday September 24th from 7:15-9:30. Read more about it here…

And if you know someone who is having their second, we’d love it if you helped us spread the word.

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