Call-in. Write. Get inspired.

Call-in. Write. Get inspired.

It's like a brainstorm session with yourself! One hour for ANYONE who seeks a little clarity on what's next, seeks inspiration or wants to figure out their next good idea.


What is this call?

It’s like a brainstorm session with yourself! 

Are you reacting? Or creating? The letters are the same but only you can decide the order. This call will help you figure out what’s working, what’s not and help you dust off your lens so you can get the clarity you need to move forward thoughtfully. Because in order to get what and where we want, we have to KNOW what we want.

This is for ANYONE who seeks a little clarity on what’s next.

Whether you are working on a family mission, a personal goal or a professional project, this one-hour call will help you get where you want to be.

With simple prompts and timed-writing proven to get to the core of it all, you’ll find answers you didn’t know were in you. These call-in “micro-retreats”, provide big information in a small amount of time. And it’s on the phone, which means you stay put. No traffic. Clothing optional!

So call up. Recharge. Get inspired. And illuminate your next inspired idea.

Before you say yes to one more random obligation slung your way, take 60 minutes to find inspiration and clarity from within.

Want to hear what others are saying?

Thank you so much for today’s micro-retreat!! 
My writing was stilted and icy at first, my brain too, but by the end I’d cleared my way to something really solid and profound. CB
It was just what I needed to shake loose some rumbling and vague dissatisfaction with my every day. It has me thinking about what I’d like to change and helped me get more focus and clarity. There’s nothing I would change about the process. It’s perfect for one hour. SW
My takeaway words were peace and clarity. Thank you for that. LB
*if money is the only reason you’re not signing up, please contact me and we’ll make it work.


Friday, October 20th:
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