Our Story

We are Bernadette Noll and Carrie Contey, PhD. We were introduced to each other 2 years ago through a creative women’s group – all of us trying to figure out how to make our passions our livelihood.  At the time, Carrie, who holds a PhD in pre- and perinatal psychology, was operating a private practice holding classes and working with families individually, helping them get off to the best start possible. Bernadette, writer and mother of four, was evolving out of being a stay at home parent and was just starting to devote herself fulltime to her writing.  The connection between the two of them was instant, and Carrie hired Bernadette to do some writing for her business, which was building a true community of families here in Austin.

After a short period of working together, the two of us decided to combine our collective knowledge of the practical and scientific aspects of family life, and create a series of classes to teach together. At the time we were inspired by the Slow Food Movement for its basic tenets of connection and joy. During a class in which it was discussed that family life was feeling high jacked by society’s fear based messages of doing too much, too fast, we joked that we needed to create a Slow Family Living Movement. The next week, after a class on creating a family mission statement, we sat down and wrote the Slow Family Living manifesto.
Since then we have continued to teach classes and have been driven to share the message of Slow Family Living with many.  We have held events which have been attended enthusiastically. We created a weekly newsletter to share our “Nuggets of Goodness” which currently has nearly 1500 subscribers. We have created many tools including books, classes, retreats and workshops and we’ve provided support and inspiration for families and individuals to help them live their lives in as joyful and connected a way as possible.

The blending of our experience and training offers the collective knowledge we hold of both the scientific and the practical sides of childhood development and family life. From our passion for all that our work encompasses, came the formation of Slow Family Living.