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Your Best Summer Yet

Come join Carrie Contey and Bernadette Noll as they once again join forces for this 2 hour workshop that will help you get real, get clear and get intentional about your family’s summer.

Tuesday, June 18th 7:15-9:30pm

Class will be held at VUKA Co-op at 411 W. Monroe

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Babysitting 101! For Kids ages 9-15

Want to be a Babysitter or Mother’s Helper? This class will provide you with information, tips, tools and creative ideas for making sure you can offer your client families and the children you work with, the most thoughtful, thorough and caring babysitting possible. Participants receive a free download of the Slow Family Babysitter’s handbook which they should bring to class with them.

Saturday, June 15th  10:00am -12:30pm

Class will be held in near South Austin at VUKA CO-OP 411 W. Monroe.

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The following classes are not currently scheduled but available for schools and groups…

Homeschool Ponderings

This tele-class is for families who are trying to determine if homeschooling might an option for them. Or, maybe you’re already homeschooling and trying to alleviate any fears you might have. What’s to gain? What’s to lose?  Is it right for you? If you have been curious about this ever growing world,  this teleclass is for you.

  • Not currently scheduled

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Navigating Public School – how to make it work for you and your family

This teleclass is for families who are trying to make public school feel more aligned with home life. We’ll go over some simple ideas and come away with tools for making public school work for you. We’ll discuss ways for navigating the crazy schedule, the homework and a system which may sometimes feel incongruent with homelife.

Not Currently Scheduled

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Slow Family Living

This teleclass is for those trying to find ways to slow things down in their own home. Need some suggestions of how to find time for pausing? Ideas for creating more connection? Tips for adding more joy into your daily life? This teleclass will help you look at what you’re doing now. What’s working? What’s not? And help you find ways to make it work for your family.

Participants will receive a free download of the Slow Family Living workbook.

Not Currently Scheduled

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Family Mission Statement Workshop**

You’ve downloaded the workbook? And you still haven’t filled it out? Maybe this class is just what you need. In this workshop we’ll help you figure out just how you want your family life to unfold: what does it look like? feel like? Now and in the future too. It’s always a perfect time to put it all on paper.

Click here to read 8 reasons why your family should have a Family Mission Statement…

Not currently scheduled. Please email us at if you are interested in this workshop.

Connect + Reflect – life navigation for kids ages 10-14

  • Do you know or have a child who is ready or wanting to begin navigating this world of ours?
  • Do you want to set your child free but wish him to be a bit more discerning in his discoveries?
  • Do you want your child to feel a greater connection to the people and places she encounters on her way so that she can feel safer and more empowered?
  • Do you want him to develop his intuition and learn to tune in to his gut?

In this 3 1/2 -hour workshop, developed by Bernadette, we’ll cover all this and then some – through experience, exploration and discussion, offering our kids a greater sense of self, a deeper connection to the people and places they encounter and the ability to reflect and tune into their own intuition.


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Creating Your Slow Holiday Teleclass

November appears on our calendars and thoughts turn to the holidays. So what’s your holiday going to look like? Feel like? How do you want it to go? Sure there are family obligations and social events you must attend, but did you know that you get to decide how it feels? What parts you want to buy into? And what parts you want to leave behind? Read more…

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