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being-a-person-is-niceFor the past few months I have been meeting weekly with a friend doing what we call “micro retreats”. From the prompts we’ve created and fine-tuned, we have both found immense clarity and inspiration. Week after week we are amazed by what we learn about ourselves and all the information gleaned comes directly from our own selves.

From this fine-tuning I have begun offering these micro-retreats via phone so that others can share in the power of these prompts. I was uncertain at first whether the call-in method would be effective and I am pleased to announce that YES! It totally is.

If you have an hour to spare and would like to dust off your own lens, please join me as I lead you through timed writing prompts that will help you find inspiration you’re needing to take you to your next good idea. This is not about being a writer, but rather writing your way to clarity. I want to say something funny here to make it not sound so new agey but so be it. I’m 51. I sometimes wear a kaftan at home.

But don’t listen to me. Here’s what participants are saying so far from just one hour of writing…

Thank you so much for today’s micro-retreat!! 
My writing was stilted and icy at first, my brain too, but by the end I’d cleared my way to something really solid and profound. 
So thank you for doing this, I really needed to get there. CB Austin, TX
This was amazing. I began the hour call feeling sort of foggy and by the end I had a new idea of what things I wanted to prioritize. Thank you! I’m going to try to do it regularly! LA Asheville, NC
If you’re interested in figuring out what’s next and what matters to you, sign up today. The price is definitely right.


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Ten women participated in our eight hour mama’s retreat Saturday at Carrie’s house. We wrote and talked and pondered and meditated and sewed and cried and slept and pondered some more. One of the things we did while we sewed was an Appreciation Round. Each time round the circle we offered up a different subject starting with self. An appreciation for self, partner, friends and each child. It was a powerful moment for me as I listened to each one sharing a completely heartfelt appreciation for themselves and the important people in their lives. It felt good too to think about each person in my own family and really identify something we truly appreciated about each one. And as I spoke I realized I could have gone on and on and on. What a great thing to realize and to share in a circle: first that there are so many people to appreciate and second that there are so many things to appreciate about each one.

In our home we have an Appreciation Banner with a pocket for each person. For many months we kept it active, sharing the sentiments each Sunday night around the dinner table. It’s been stagnant for a while now but I think it’s time to reactivate and bring back the air of appreciation that the practice generated in our home.

I highly recommend starting it up in your own home. It just feels good. Both to be appreciated and to appreciate.

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I can’t resist that title. As I can’t resist the idea of hosting this amazing retreat in this incredible, treat-for-the-senses space. Read on…

We have been given an amazing opportunity to host a weekend long, post-mother’s day Mama’s retreat at KimberModern; Austin’s newest and most luxurious modern inn, in the heart of the city. This relaxation getaway, nestled elegantly into a completely urban setting, will serve as the vessel for an entire weekend of rest, relaxation, and refreshment of all your sensibilities. We will fill your proverbial mother’s cup and return you to your family full up – with presence, connection and satisfaction – the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, to yourself and your family as well. And then read on some more…

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