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Did you hear that sound this morning in Austin, TX? The sound of every self-employed parent in town exhaling simultaneously as the kids all made their way back to school? For parents, this time of year is like a new year of sorts; time to get moving, get on task, on schedule and make other resolutions of the mind and body.

Finally, we can look ahead beyond this week and make plans that we know won’t be usurped by the needs of a child on summer break needing a ride or motivation or a little loving kick in the butt to DO SOMETHING!! And speaking of doing something, might I recommend putting the Texas Conference for Women on your calendar on October 15th?

CSI: CYBERIf you’ve been before, you understand just how exhilarating and inspiring this conference can be. It’s a day full of amazing workshops, speakers like Patricia Arquette, Boyhood star, Robin Roberts of Good Morning America, and Candy Chang, Ted speaker and creator of the “BEFORE I DIE…” street art movement. Plus, endless conversations with women from all over the state who are there to share ideas, collaborate on new ones and build their network face to face.

The first time I went, I had no idea of just what an impact this day would make. It’s both a personal and professional punch and I guarantee when you walk out the door, you will high five at least one person and you will give a little fist pump at just how inspired you feel. I’ll be there at the blogger’s table (which I hope is front and center!) and I’m be giving away one ticket to join me at that table. (I’ll try to give you space to listen to the speakers but please note that in 8th grade I was nominated both Most Talkative AND Class Clown so I make no promises.)

If you want to win a ticket and join me at the conference share this post on Facebook and tag Slow Family Living or tweet the link and tag me @slowfamilymama. I’ll choose one winner on Friday 9/11 at midnight. If you don’t win a ticket, fear not, I also have been granted a secret password to get you $10.00 off the ticket price. You can purchase tickets here… and the password is… TXBG15

In the meantime, you can join in the spirit of the conference by participating in Candy Chang’s BEFORE I DIE campaign by sharing on your social feeds with #BeforeIDieTXWomen


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Special Giveaway to MomCom Life!

Last year I was a speaker at MomCom’s January conference. I went in to speak on the topic of building your tribe, and came out with the exhilaration of an entire day spent gathering inspiration. Truly. I was flying when I emerged from that room filled with hundreds of women of all creative ilks: writers, business women, artists, designers, entrepreneurs and idea generators. And my own talk, and the feedback I received that day, inspired this blog post  which I shared on Huff Post.

This year’s Mom Com event, on January 24th and 25th in Austin, promises once again to be an amazing couple of days of inspiring speakers, brilliant ideas shared by speakers, presenters and attendees alike, and unbelievable connections made with the hundreds of women who are there to have their creative minds blown wide open. Speakers like writer Glennon Doyle Melton, entrepreneur Bridget Dunlap and many more will be there to share what they know. If you can’t be there Friday and Saturday, at least attend just one of the days!

My own creative tribe, or mastermind group, consists of 7 women, myself included. We have been gathering for over 8 years and the work we have done together has been astounding to say the least – both personally and professionally. It is my utmost belief that when we work in collaboration, and with a sounding board that has your well-being in mind, remarkable things occur. When we work together we have more ideas, bigger dreams, support, encouragement and an accountability that can not be under-rated.

This year’s MomCom promises, once again to be an amazing day of inspiring speakers, brilliant ideas shared by speakers, presenters and attendees alike, and unbelievable connections made with the hundreds of women who are there to have their creative minds blown wide open. Speakers like writer Glennon Doyle Melton, entrepreneur Bridget Dunlap and many more.

As an encouragement to build your own tribe, MomCom is offering Slow Family Living readers and special 2 for 1 deal (or halfprice!) so you can grab a friend and give yourselves the gift of a day together sharing, listening, and totally getting inspired. Of course it’s hard to take an entire day to yourself, especially as a mom, but as we all know but don’t always remember, if our cups are empty, we can’t possibly replenish the cups of those around us – be they our families or our jobs.

If you don’t know who to take, think of a woman you know whom you’ve always wanted to connect with and ask her! It could be the beginning of a beautiful and powerful connection!  If you just need to go on your own, you can use the link below to get a half price ticket too! And just maybe that collaborator you’re seeking will already be there!

Here’s the link to the special deal which expires on Monday, January 20th at midnight. Come on. Treat yourself to MomCom 2014. Your family will thank you later.

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Lucky Star Art Camp GIVEAWAY!

Hear that sound? That is the sound of the big giant exhale of summer coming from Austin, TX where school started back today in full swing. I do wish we could enter in a little more gradually but knowing we have a 3 day weekend for Labor Day sure helps.  For this work-from-home-mama, back to school means my entire house is my office. Lovely!

While I didn’t blog much this summer, I did explore a lot of different possibilities and terrains and gave myself plenty of time to really ponder what’s next. One of the things I’ve often dreamed about was the idea of a family summer camp – a way for families to come together with the intention of really finding out more about each other and about themselves. Time for everyone to play and hang out and talk and discover what they really love and what they love about each other too. And while dreaming up this summer camp idea, I got an email from the creator of Lucky Star Art Camp, Lisa Hamlyn Field.

She contacted me about the camp for women that she’s created; an OVERNIGHT ART CAMP! 4 nights and 5 days to be exact! From Wednesday, October 9th-Sunday, October 13th. Filled with all sorts of making and discussion and writing and talking and playing and making some more.

After some sweet discussion, and living in the belief that coincidence means I’m on the right channel, Lucky Star and Slow Family Living are teaming up to bring you a BIG GIVEAWAY! One lucky woman will win free tuition* for Lucky Star Art Camp, taking place on the Guadalupe River in the Texas hill country (worth $875). They will also win a copy of my book “Slow Family Living”. Will it be you? This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, so read on and enter to win today! The giveaway ends September 2nd at 11:59 p.m.

And for those who don’t want to wait, Lucky Star  is offering a special Slow Family group rate of $150.00 off tuition when 3 or more sign up. If you need a chance to unwind, get creative and fill your proverbial cup, Lucky Star seems like just the thing! Here’s what Lisa has to say about it all…

1.         What are 3 things that make you excited about Lucky Star Art Camp this October? 

There are so many emotions that go into planning an event like Lucky Star.  Every day is different.  By far the most prevalent emotion though, is excitement.  I have been dreaming about this and working towards it for so long.  To be this close to it REALLY happening is so exciting.  I just started a Facebook group for those already signed up to come to Lucky Star and finally getting the chance to see their faces, even if it’s just a tiny profile pic, makes me smile really big!  Every time a new person signs up, I’m over the moon!  I recently had a chance to meet one of my campers in person and that was such a treat.  Every single person starts out in the process as just a name and as I slowly learn more and more about each individual, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what I am creating with Lucky Star is meant to be.  That brings me such joy.

2.         If you had to choose just 3 words to describe camp to someone who’s never been, what would they be?

Camp is… exhilarating.  Planning, packing, saying goodbye and heading out the door on an adventure…it’s all so exciting!  The nervous excitement of meeting cabinmates and wondering who you’ll sit next to in the dining hall gets your adrenaline pumping reminding you how alive you are.  Camp is a feast for the senses!

 Camp is… life-changing.  Not that your life needs changing because there’s something wrong with it, but life–changing in the sense that after having had the camp experience, you will never be exactly the same person again.  You will have added a new dimension.  And it won’t happen because you planned and forced it to happen…the experience will unfold in the unplanned, serendipitous moments along the way because you kept your heart and mind open.

 Camp is… magical.  I know this sounds so cliché, but there really is something about camp that feels dreamy, sparkly, other-worldly.  The experience is different for everyone and when it boils down to it, camp is a combination of what you make it and what you allow to unfold.

 3.         Is this camp just for creative or artistic women?

Lucky Star is for everyone.  I have developed a broad definition of what art is to me over the years and I try to share it with as many women as possible.  I believe that there is art in the everyday things we do and that women have an innate need to create.  To me, there is art in these everyday things like making a grocery list, braiding your daughter’s hair, or cooking a meal.  Any of these seemingly mundane tasks can be taken to another level when there is time and you have the right attitude.  If you love to blog, for instance, you could photograph the steps to braiding your daughter’s hair and use them in a “how-to” blog post.  See how pretty you can make your next grocery list.  You may not want to throw it away!  The fact is…we all have something to share with the world.  Lucky Star celebrates and embraces anyone willing to come on the adventure!

4.         For women on the fence about coming, what is something you would say to them to help them decide?

The first thing that came to my mind to say to anyone still trying to decide was, “I dare you”!  It’s the playful and daring side of us that comes out at camp.  So many women, myself included, spend their days giving.  They are usually the last thing on their “to do” list.  It is our nature to give, but we must remember that in order to keep giving, we must refill our own tank, so to say.  You wouldn’t keep driving a car that was running on empty.  Pretty soon you’d be coasting on fumes and you wouldn’t be able to get everyone where they need to go.  Your family/employer/partner count on you to show up with a full tank.  There is nothing like camp to help you recharge and revive.  Let go of the guilt about leaving, they will all get along okay without you.  Embrace this need to take care of yourself and encourage others to do the same.  You and everyone around you will benefit!

5.         Today, right now, what do you love?

The sound of thunder, lying in the hammock on my porch under the full moon with my kids until they fall asleep and I carry them to bed, making myself a cup of hot tea, yoga, Friday night football, the quiet of the night when I am the only one awake in the house, and the promise of cooler days on the horizon.

As for the Family Camp idea, it’s not come to fruition just yet, but getting out into this beautiful place for this inspiring camp sure feels like a step in the right direction.



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Want to win a copy of my new book? Get on over to Live Mom and read the interview she did with me and enter to win one of 2 free copies. I loved her questions! And I am loving the fact that she’s got two copies to share!



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