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micro-retreat-less-textAfter weeks of head smacking and pondering, I’ve finally figured out how to describe these call-in micro-retreats I’ve been doing. You ready?

It’s like a guided brainstorming session with your own brain! 

Seriously. That’s what it is. It’ll help you figure out what’s working. What’s not. And help you dust off the proverbial lens so you can get the clarity you need to move forward thoughtfully.

This is not for writers only. This is for ANYONE who seeks a little clarity on what’s next.

Whether you are working on a personal goal or a professional project, this one-hour call will help you get where you want to be.

With simple prompts and timed-writing proven to get to the core of it all, you’ll find answers you didn’t know were in you. These call-in “micro-retreats”, provide big information in a small amount of time. And it’s on the phone, which means you stay put. No traffic. Clothing optional!

So call up. Recharge. Get inspired. And illuminate your next step.

Before you say yes to one more random obligation slung your way, take 60 minutes to find inspiration from within.

Want to hear what others are saying?

Thank you so much for today’s micro-retreat!! 
My writing was stilted and icy at first, my brain too, but by the end I’d cleared my way to something really solid and profound. CB
It was just what I needed to shake loose some rumbling and vague dissatisfaction with my every day. It has me thinking about what I’d like to change and helped me get more focus and clarity. There’s nothing I would change about the process. It’s perfect for one hour. SW
My takeaway words were peace and clarity. Thank you for that. LB
Want to get in on it? Two sessions coming up…
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Think the holidays are still a long way off? I know it’s still 80+ degrees here in Austin but I don’t think it’s too early to start pondering how you want your holidays to go. Not if you want to make some changes to the way it’s always been done. Not if you want to set yourself up for a thoughtful, happy holiday time. I talked to Vicky and Jen about this for their amazing show What Really Matters and they put together a beautiful little podcast on Creating Your Slow Holiday full of great ideas for taking out the hectic and adding in a little more love and joy. Listen to it! And then while you’re there listen to the show they did with Carrie a while back about slowing things down in general. That was chock full of good ideas.

And if you want to dive in a bit into your own ideas for Slow Holidays, there is an ebook. And even a teleclass that is on the books for Thursday November 29th starting at 7:30pm central time. We’ll go over the ebook and get to the source of how you want your holidays to feel, look, go. This year and all the years that follow.

You can make it how you want it. Truly.


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Slowing down in Austin

I guess I just like collaboration. It’s part of growing up in a huge family and also having a big(ish) family now. All of life is a collaboration so why not my work too?

This latest endeavor of mine is a merge of both Slow Family and Future Craft Collective in that it combines sustainable and mindful art and craft for children with a little bit of slowing down and pondering and creative time for the mamas too. (in their own space!) While we offer a creative class for the children, we’ll also be offering an opportunity for mamas (and papas too if they like) a chance to sit and craft, do a little writing, talk with other parents, or just take a little walk on their own down South Congress Avenue. In addition to merging my two worlds, this class will be a collaborative effort with my friend Andrea of Primavera Montessori School and Andrea’s art class, who is an amazing artist and teacher!

Photo by Katherine O'Brien

If you’re in Austin and have a 3-5 year old, and you’re seeking a little creative time of your own, whether tangible or emotional, this could be the class for you. We’re excited about it. And we look forward to getting started! Here’s the details…

Creative Class

for 3-5 year olds…with a little something creative for the parents too

An incredible new art class for your child and an opportunity for you as a parent to have a little relaxing, creative time of your own!

In this brand new offering from Andrea Fiore and Bernadette Noll, we’ll offer art exploration for your 3-5 year old, 1 or 2 mornings a week for one hour. While your child learns, you’ll be encouraged to settle in, relax and create – in an outdoor space with other parents, where there will be a craft offered, writing prompts about family life or art supplies made available. Or, if you’d rather, you can walk the short block toS. Congress Avenuefor a coffee or a bite, knowing your child is learning to explore his own creativity in an art experience like no other. Either way, you win! And so does your child. Read more…


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What’s New?

Oh, it’s that time of year again that always feels more like a new year than the actual new year. New ideas, new starts, new teachers, new notebooks and new chance to try something new! If you’re like me, it’s a good time to break into some brand new habits for yourself or for the whole family!

There’s lots new happening at Slow Family these next couple of months. (Don’t make me say Fall because it’s 105 degrees and Fall isn’t really even a memory right now). There’s more Babysitting workshops for kids on the books. And a whole new schedule of Tuesday Night Teleclasses for adults on everything from parenting 3, 4 or more to slowing down family life to pondering home school and more. Teleclasses are a great format for taking in info! And they’re super slow – because there’s no hurrying to get where you’re going – just a settling into a quiet space (or even just muting your phone!) so you can tune in, listen and enjoy. Jump in on one if you can.

And this next one is a brand new workshop that I’m really excited about  – for kids ages 11-14 who need a little guidance learning life’s navigation…

CONNECT + REFLECT: September 24th, 2011 10am-1:30pm

  • Do you know or have a child who is ready or wanting to begin navigating this world of ours?
  • Do you want to set your child free but wish him to be a bit more discerning in his discoveries?
  • Do you want your child to feel a greater connection to the people and places she encounters on her way so that she can feel safer and more empowered?
  • Do you want him to develop his intuition and learn to tune in to his gut?

As we take this workshop onto the streets, we will discuss why we need to occasionally unplug from the virtual and plug into the actual . We’ll discover ways to connect with ourselves, with the real world and the people we encounter along the way – and why life can be easier and safer when we do. We’ll find methods for giving and gaining respect wherever we may be – at school, home or on the streets. Threaded through it all, we’ll discuss how to tune into our intuition and why our gut can serve as our guide as we navigate this world of ours. (class size is limited!)

After a couple of test runs I am really looking forward to getting more kids out in the field with this one!  It will be an honor to escort them on their journey into this brave new world and into their own intuition!



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Back to Homeschool?

I’ll be hosting one of my favorite teleclasses just in time for a new school year…

Homeschool Ponderings – for those considering homeschooling or those already in it.

Think Homeschooling might be for you? Or are you currently homeschooling and want to alleviate any anxiety about the process? Have you often wondered how to start? What might be involved? What your  family might gain or lose from the homeschool experience. Join me for this 90 minute call to help you figure it out for yourself and listen to ideas to making homeschool work for you.

Call in from wherever you are!

Tuesday, August 16th 8:00pm Central Time

Register here…

New classes coming up!

We’re getting ready to add some new classes to the schedule! Starting August 12th with the return of the Babysitting 101 Workshop and continuing on through August and September with some brand new offerings – many of them for our growing kids who are trying to make their way in this world of ours.

It’s all about appreciation and connection and pausing long enough to figure out how to find and create as much joy and love as we possibly can.

It’s that time of year again – springtime, end-of-school-time, what’s-a-child-going-to-do time! And Slow Family, combined with Bernadette’s Future Craft Collective has a few things coming up.

Babysitting 101: Two Dates available! May 14th or June 3rd. Sign up now!

Boys Camp: This is a first but sure to be a hit! Obstacle course, exploration and some crafty fun too. Boys ages 5-9. Read more here.

Girls’ Camp: 3 days of crafting, exploring and more! Girls ages 7-10. Read all about it here.

Mother’s Day Morning Craft Workshop: Drop off the kids then head to one of the many nearby cafes for a quiet breakfast while the kids craft you a special gift.  Boys and girls ages 6-10. More details here.

And, not to stir the rumor mill but there is some talk of the creation of a multi-day family maker camp. Part retreat. Part summer camp. All in the name of create and connect! Stay tuned for more details as they unfold in front of our very eyes!

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NEW BABYSITTING CLASSES CAN BE FOUND ON OUR CLASSES PAGE! Or, if you have a group that would like to take the class, please email Bernadette

Summer is coming!!! And what better time to enlist that 10 year-old down the street to help you with your littles? Mother’s helpers and babysitters are a win-win situation for everyone! The littles get to have time to really play with the prized BIG kids in the neighborhood and the BIG kids have time to hone their babysitting skills and at the same time earn some  money of their own.

So if you have a child who would like to learn the basics of babysitting this is the class for them. We’ll go over such things such as…

  • playful games for indoors and out
  • how to make smooth transitions from playtime to practicals
  • tips for creating pleasant bedtimes and mealtimes
  • how to use your own skills, talents and abilities to enhance your time with the kids
  • safety tips for in the house and in the yard
  • how to create your very own Mary Poppins bag of tricks
  • what to do in an emergency and when to call for help
  • how to maintain good relationships with the families you work with
  • how to handle the business of babysitting

This 2.5 hour class will provide students with information, tips, tools and creative ideas for making sure they can offer their client families and the children they work with, the most thoughtful, thorough and caring babysitting possible. And each participant will receive a free download of our Slow Family Living Babysitter’s Handbook and a Slow Family Living Official Babysitter’s Certificate to prove it!


Who: Kids ages 9-13

When: Saturday, May 14 2011 or Friday, June 3rd (click each one to register for that date!)

Time: 9:30 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Cost: $35.00 (includes a free download of our Slow Family Living Babysitter’s Handbook)

lucy and cash

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Spring tune-ups available!

There is so much going on this time of year! And so much excitement in the air for these deep blue skies and increased access to outdoor living. Austin always feels so energized this time of year as the big music festival draws near and visitors galore come from all the chilly corners of the nation for a little sun, fun and music. It’s so, so divine to say the very least.

Here at Slow Family Living, Carrie and I are gearing up with all sorts of fun classes, workshops and even a one-day camp for girls! If you are looking for a spring tune up for family life or self, we’ve got the goods right now. If you are in Austin and looking for a one-day camp during Spring Break, we’ve got that too. So much to list! And so much to discuss. Spring is the perfect time to work on that connection we all so long for – connection to self, to community, to ideas and of course to family too!

Here’s a listing of what’s coming up…

Homeschool Ponderings teleclass! Monday, March 21, 7-9:30pm Central Time (8:00 Eastern)

Think Homeschooling might be for you? Or are you currently homeschooling and want to alleviate any anxiety about the process? Have you often wondered how to start? What might be involved? What your family might gain or lose from the homeschool experience. Read more here…

Parenting 3, 4 or more teleclass! Thursday, March 24, 7:30-9:00pm Central Time (8:30 Eastern)

Are you parenting 3, 4 or more or pondering such a move? Do you need ideas and information on just how to create the most connection with each member of your family AND build connection as a unit? Would you like to discover some ways of generating harmony in your comparatively crowded house? And at the same time figure out ways to keep yourself more grounded? Read more here…

Girls One Day Spring Break Camps - Monday March 7th, 9-4:30pm and Monday March 14th, 9-4:30pm

This is a one day camp run by Bernadette Noll for girls ages 7-10 who would like to spend time during spring break discovering, crafting, singing, learning and exploring all that life has to offer. Together we will ponder the power of our creative selves and our connection to the world around us. Read more here…

New Mama and Baby Circle – 6 Consecutive Tuesdays Starting March 22 10:30-12:30

This six week class, facilitated by Carrie, is for mamas and their in-arms babies. During our time together we will hare the joys and challenges of early motherhood and read more…

Parenting Your One Year Old. Parenting Your Two Year Old. Parenting Your Three Year Old. Parenting Your Four Year Old. Mondays Starting March 21. 7:15-9:00pm Each class stands alone.

Wow! Each age brings such different surprises and challenges! Carrie will lead you through each age presenting you with tips and tools for meeting your child where they are. Read more…

Join us if you can!!! October 2009 138We’ll be cozy as kittens. Or mice. Or gophers.

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When a family splits, the trauma often reverberates for years, as family members struggle to adapt to a “new normal” of mom’s house, dad’s house, and new adult partners in the mix.

Austin writer Jennifer Newcomb Marine and her children’s stepmother,Carol Marine used their own experience around divorce and remarriage to write a book called Noone’s the Bitch; strengthening step families one mother/stepmother relationship at a time. If you are the mother or the step mother and you are seeking ways to create a bridge with the other woman in your child’s life, this book is definitely for you.

Starting this week, Jennifer is hosting a 6 week tele-conference, called Transformation Labs, for women seeking solutions for their own step-family relationships. Says Jennifer, “Creating a bridge enabled us to cobble the family nest back together again. It took time and sometimes we still go backwards, but we have created a foundation that is strong and durable. Now our kids have three adults in their lives who are on the same page, clucking and fretting over them, together. I know they feel loved. They have told me they feel heard.”

If you are in a stepfamily, or know someone who is, and want to learn how to build more connection into it all,  check out the work of Jennifer and Carol.

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