Is that your fear this summer? That the words in this blog post’s title will echo around your house day after day?

Well, I’ve got just the tool for you…

A few summer’s ago, Kathie Sever and I created this Summer Inspirations and Intentions banner as a way to help families find some focus on those hot summer days. It’s a place to set your intentions as a family, a place to put your inspirations and even a place to appreciate your accomplishments. It’s got places to list the projects you want to do, the books you want to read and the people you want to see. It’s the perfect tool to access on those summer days when your kids AND you are whining, “There’s nothing to do!!!”

And whether you do the full on craft like the one we created here. Or just write it all out on a big piece of poster board, it’s got what you need to make sure your summer stays fun, adventurous and satisfying to one and all.