It’s that time of year again – springtime, end-of-school-time, what’s-a-child-going-to-do time! And Slow Family, combined with Bernadette’s Future Craft Collective has a few things coming up.

Babysitting 101: Two Dates available! May 14th or June 3rd. Sign up now!

Boys Camp: This is a first but sure to be a hit! Obstacle course, exploration and some crafty fun too. Boys ages 5-9. Read more here.

Girls’ Camp: 3 days of crafting, exploring and more! Girls ages 7-10. Read all about it here.

Mother’s Day Morning Craft Workshop: Drop off the kids then head to one of the many nearby cafes for a quiet breakfast while the kids craft you a special gift.  Boys and girls ages 6-10. More details here.

And, not to stir the rumor mill but there is some talk of the creation of a multi-day family maker camp. Part retreat. Part summer camp. All in the name of create and connect! Stay tuned for more details as they unfold in front of our very eyes!

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