Last Friday, to segue out of summer mode and back into workshop mode, we held a Mama’s Five Hour Fill Up from 9:00-2:00. It was an awesome day with time for introspection, visualization, questions, crafting and pie! The theme was joy and we focused on ways to find more of it and to give space to the joyous things in life. It was a great day and one of the moms commented that it was like “preschool for moms”. I love that because it implies that not only are you getting your needs met, but there’s some creative outlet as well.

Carrie and I love those fill ups and have decided this fall to offer them monthly – each with a different theme: back to school, tending the partnership, setting intentions, finding joy, creating the holidays, and more. Our first one of the fall season will be on Friday, August 28th – the first week of school! And the theme will be Back-to-school and making sure that the transition into it is smooth sailing. We’ll have writing exercises, guided meditation, crafting, time to rest, relax, fill your cup, and, of course, PIE!

We lare really looking forward to creating more of these workshops and to providing mamas with the time and the space to get in touch with their joy, their partnership, their family life, and with their own self. All who have attended our past fill-ups will agree that spending 5 hours to fill your cup, is definitely 5 hours well spent. And as one mama pointed out, “I didn’t think I had time for this, so I knew it was essential that I make the time.”

We’re also putting a few other workshops on the calendar such as the Slow Family Living workshop, babysitter’s workshop and Creating a Family Mission Statement. Fall is such a time of change, we’d love to help you find ways to make that change for your family as smooth, satisfying and connected as it possibly can be.