**Slow Family Living Workshop: Slow Down, Connect and Enjoy Family Life***

Lots of folks have said how excited they are for the information and ideas presented in the Slow Family Movement. Many of those same folks though, and many others too, have said they want to slow it down, but they don’t know how or where or when to begin. Things are too busy, too crazy, or too chaotic, to even begin the process of slowing down, connecting and enjoying family life the way they truly want to enjoy it.

If ever there was a time though to slow it down, now is it. You can’t turn around without hearing news or conversation or implications of our need to put on the brakes. This one-night workshop will teach you how to slow things down for your own family – emotionally, physically and even financially.

We will cover ways to figure out which aspects of your family life feel too fast, expensive and out of control. We’ll offer some useful tips on reigning it in with both your time and your wallet. We’ll cover the material in our free Slow Family workbook in addition to offering some practical ideas for other methods of beginning your family’s journey into “slowing”.

In this class you can finally find the time for ways you and your family can find more time.

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