One year ago Bernadette and I were in Bastrop with our amazing women’s group which has come to be lovingly known as Goodness. Before I go on, if you don’t have a group of your own, start one. It has truly changed my life to belong to a collective of such amazing, brilliant, loving and kind women.

Anyway, back to where I started, while we were on retreat Bernadette and I started talking about family life and relationships and self-care and life in general and a few little Truths started popping out. We decided to see what would happen if we tossed out these gems to the people on our email lists. And in that moment our ‘Nuggets of Goodness’ were born. Over the past year we’ve sent out 35 nuggets. At first we thought they should be weekly but then realized that was too much pressure and pressure is very ‘un-nugget of goodness-like’ so we let it flow more naturally.

Here is the nugget that went out this week:

If you want to change what happens on the outside,
start by changing the belief on the inside.

Figure out what you really believe.
Figure out what you really want.

Like it?
Leave it.

Loathe it?
Change it.

After reading it, a friend and nugget recipient emailed this question:

“I’m dying to know what I ‘really believe’ where do I start?”

And here’s my reply:

“What you really believe? It’s what unconsciously drives all of your thoughts, behaviors, actions and results. Do you expect things to work out or are you often planning for the worst? Do you feel OK in who you are and what you do or do you feel, like many if not most of us, that you are ‘not enough’ – not good enough, not doing enough, not giving enough…? If you tend to lean more towards the latter, is it true? How do you know? Do you want to keep believing that? How does it serve you to believe that? It’s a bit more complex than that, but not really. Once you get underneath the surface and down to the bottom of what’s really running the show — old, old, old paradigms that are probably not relevant any more, life changes. The things that happen, the people who show up, the way things flow, it all just starts to change.”

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