…figuring out ways to transition smoothly and thoughtfully into our winter break. The school schedule is rigid – rising unnaturally at 6:40 a.m., rushing through breakfast and into shoes and coats and WOOSH out the door we go. Three kids dressed, ready, fed in less than an hour is not always a “slow” pace. We have figured out some tricks to make it a little smoother but it never actually feels truly slow.

Now we transition from this schedule into 18 glorious days of break. We are not traveling or gathering even and I am looking forward to a family vacation right here at home. I am looking forward to crafting and walks and holiday movie classics with popcorn and hot chocolate and spacious, spacious time.

I am this morning trying to come up with some ritual to make the transition more recognized and more intentional rather than just sliding mindlessly in. I love ritual and I love creating it too and I’ve got to get moving if I’m going to make this one a good one.